Everyone’s a Critic

Alisha here, it’s been another busy weekend but I did take the time to create a little crochet snuggle monster who will be featured in an upcoming pattern post!

Although he is SUPER cute – least I think so … it was hard to capture his adorableness on camera. However, I did manage to take a few snapshots of my always adorable crochet critics. So grab a cup of coffee, and perhaps a ball of yarn and take a look into my … well, let’s call it process?

Meet the head of my creative team … Puss Puss … she’s always there to make sure I don’t miss a stitch. Err … or to play with the yarn

I did try to take a picture so she didn’t look evil … but after this one, she bit me and ran away, guess she doesn’t like her picture taken! Since I’m pretty sure she is mostly evil I decided to go with it instead of trying to hide the truth.

She’s a pretty tortoiseshell kitty cat who likes to inspect my work as I go. Unfortunately, she also likes to inspect the yarn … with her teeth … and her claws! However, I do love to cuddle up with my cutie while I create, even if it does take me longer to finish the piece she’s worth it.

Photoshoot Time … Are you sure the lighting is right in here?

Once finished I decided to set up my little home made studio and get to work taking pictures. Of course I couldn’t be trusted to do this on my own, instead, Puss Puss made sure I got everything just right.

After several attempts to take the photo without having to hold on to the snuggle monster, I decided it wasn’t going to be an option. Between Puss Puss deciding it needed to be in another position and then deciding to take him out of the shot altogether I knew I needed to take control of the situation.

So, to protect my monster, my pictures, and my sanity I decided to hold onto the lil’ guy to better position him and get the desired pictures.

It seemed though that my other critic didn’t think this was a great idea either, and before I knew it not only did I have one but two furballs telling me what to do.

Meet Lil’ Puss, as you might be able to guess by her name, she is the baby of our clowder and decided she too needed to get in on the action. At first, she ran up just to see what the big fuss was about, after all, if Puss Puss and I were held up in the kitchen and haven’t returned in a while this could mean snacks for certain kitties.

When she got to the photo shoot she quickly realized it wasn’t snack time and decided to take a closer look to make sure I was holding him just right.

She took one look, then decided to move on to more important things like napping on the couch. With the approval of two of the three cats, the excitement seemed to die down and I was eventually, able to get the pictures I wanted to be taken. I do have one other cat, Bing Clawsby. He’s a lot more laid back however and doesn’t seem to bother with the yarn during any phase. He is one for cuddles though … perhaps he will make an appearance during my next project!

So, this is my process … keep the yarn away from my cats while I work, then keep them away from my projects when finished. But mostly I just enjoy the snuggles!

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