Free Pattern: Fairy Doll Part 3 Legs

Welcome back to week three of this four part crochet along to create a super cute Fairy Doll!

So far, we have created her head and her body. Now we’re going to work on those super long legs! I worked these out to be twice as long as her head and body put together – or close to it anyway. This really just creates a cute look, and is one of the ways you can achieve optimal cuteness! I think since I’ve decided this doll will be a fairy just making the legs longer seems to give it a little magical touch!

Okay … onto the pattern!


  • Crochet hook – I used a size 3.25mm though if you don’t have this size you can use something a bit smaller or larger.
  • Yarn – We have a local yarn outlet here that sells yarn straight from the factory, so though some is a brand name I couldn’t tell you what was what anymore. You can choose any colour really as this is going to be a fairy doll, however, I chose a light skin tone.
  • Yarn Needle – These have a dull tip and a large eye so you can thread yarn through it. You’ll need this to sew the parts together in the end.
  • Stuffing – If you’re trying to be frugal you can always use old pillow stuffing, this is a great way to recycle!
  • Scissors

Optional Supplies

  • Marker/Spare Yarn – If you’re like me you may want to use a marker to keep track of your counts. I just use a piece of different coloured yarn to use as a marker, I find this works best.
  • Paper and Pencil – Again if you’re forgetful like me I find it is helpful to have a little notepad with me while I work. Especially now that we are doing the legs. I like to use it for nothing more than to tick off rounds as I go!

Glossary of Terms

sl st = slip stitch
sc (uk dc) = single crochet (uk double crochet)
st = stitch
rd = round
sc (uk dc) 2tog = single crochet (uk double crochet) two stitches together

Patterns are in US, with the UK stitches in brackets.

We are starting at the foot with this pattern, as you can see our fairy has rather large feet!

Create a 4 link chain. Sl st into the first chain. sc (uk dc) 6 st into the middle of the circle. Do not join rd. If done correctly you should be able to pull on your tail end of yarn to tighten up your circle.
You can also start with the magic circle if you prefer.

Rd 2: Do not chain, we will be working continuously your stitches should start to look like a snail shell. This will avoid seams in your work. 2 sc (uk dc) in each st, repeat to end = 12 st

Rd 3: 1 sc (uk dc) in next st, 2 sc (uk dc) in next st – repeat to end = 18 st

Rd 4 – Rd 14: 1 sc (uk dc) in each st, repeat to end = 18 st (11 rounds)

At this point you may want to start stuffing your feet it will make it easier if you do this as you go.

Rd 15: 1 sc (uk dc) in 1 st, sc (uk dc)2tog in 1 st – repeat to end = 12 st

Rd 16 – 30: 1 sc (uk dc) in 1 st, repeat to end = 12 st (15 rounds)

Rd 31: 1 sc (uk dc) in 2 st, sc (uk dc)2tog in 1 st – repeat to end = 9 st

Rd 32 – 35: 1 sc (uk dc) in 1 st – repeat to end = 9 st (4 rounds)

Leave a tail for sewing onto the body, then create your second leg! Return next week when we create the arms and put our doll together!

Are you crocheting along with me? Let me know in the comments below I’d love to see your progress!

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