6 Must Have Amigurumi Patterns!

Well hello, all!

Alisha here to share with you 6 of my most favourite crochet patterns! Why 6? I don’t know … just worked out that way I guess. I was going to cut it down to 5 but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Now some of these patterns are free, others are for purchase and they are in no particular order. They also don’t really have anything in common other than I like them! They are super cute, very kawaii and precisely what amigurumi is all about!

Shall we get to the first one then?


Aww, the giraffe. This is a big seller for my mom, she makes a super cute giraffe as well. She’s done several for one customer alone! In fact, the first item she ever sold at a craft show was her giraffe. And she can thank me for that since I told her to finish it and make sure it found it’s way onto the table!

Pretty sure that is something I will remind her about often!

But enough about her giraffe, let’s take a look at this one, shall we?

These cuties are created by Etsy Shop Owner Venelopa toys

Price: $6.50 USD

Better still her patterns come in multiple languages, not just for the English speakers! Take a look through her store, she has a lot of cute items and tons of dolls! Out of all this little guy was my favourite, but there were so many I could do a post just showcasing this fabulous designer.

Runner Up: Dragon




The Sleeping Unicorn by Amigurumi Today is one of two pony-ish patterns you’ll find in this list. I just love it though and couldn’t leave this one out. I think my favourite part about this pattern (besides the fact that it is free of course) is that the yarn used just looks so fluffy and cuddly!

This is a super popular site and for good reason. Lots of free patterns and every. single. one. is simply amazing. If you haven’t tried to create something from this site … well then I just don’t know what to say to that!

Price: Free

Runner Up: Halloween Ghost



This pair of love … uh … cats is created by Tarturumies and this pattern is also available in more than one language.

I love anything couple’s themed and this creation really melts my heart. The best thing is this can be for any couple out there! These cats are just purrfect if I do say so myself!

Check out her blog for more great creations, and other super cute cats! It was really a toss up to choose just one of these cuties!

Price: Free

Runner Up: Gatita Misha Halloween







This little owl created by Craft Passion is just too much! The best part about this pattern is it’s super easy! A very new beginner wouldn’t have many problems putting this little guy together. And although it is a simple pattern it really is adorable.

Can’t you just imagine having a whole flock of these cuties?

Price: Free

Runner Up: Monkey


This next project by Kungen Och Majkis is both cute and functional! I want to buy a new book just to have an excuse to make this book mark … and to top it all off it’s Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc!

Although I noticed this site doesn’t seem to update very often anymore and does need to translated for those who only speak English it has some really great crochet patterns, and not just amigurumi either!

Price: Free

Runner Uo: Teddy Bear











My last pony! Although I didn’t think I wanted to add such similar creatures to this list I couldn’t decide which to remove to make it five instead of six! They are both just too sweet and I think this one wins me over because it’s so teeny tiny and its mane is my favourite colour, red!

This little pony was created by All About Ami another site I frequent often. Her work is adorable and really one of a kind. It’s hard to choose just one of her creations to showcase … in fact I could probably do a post of just my favourite All About Ami patterns … but I’ll save those for another day!

Price: Free

Runner Up: Bunny Pillow … yeah it’s a big fluffy pillow!


Well that’s it! Let me know what you think of my list, and share your own favourites with me, I’d love to see them!

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