Free Pattern: Little Doll Dress

Hello, fellow crafters! I am working on my fairy doll some more today and have decided to create a cute little dress for her, and I do mean little! I’ve made this purposely short since I thought it would be cute, I also plan on creating some leggings to go with the outfit along with some fairy wings!

So, if you’re ready to get started we’ll begin! This dress was created specifically for the fairy doll we have been working on here, however adjustments in sizes can be made for this outfit to work on other dolls.


  • Crochet hook – I used a size 2 mm though if you don’t have this size you can use something a bit smaller or larger.
  • Yarn – We have a local yarn outlet here that sells yarn straight from the factory, so though some is a brand name I couldn’t tell you what was what anymore. You can choose any colour for this as it’s a dress just grab two colours that work well together and go with it!
  • Scissors

Glossary of Terms
sc (uk dc) = single crochet (uk double crochet)
dc (uk trc) = double crochet (uk triple crochet)
sl st = slip stitch
st = stitch
ch = chain
rd = round

Patterns are in US, with the UK stitches in brackets.

Rd 1: Start by creating a ch of 24 with your primary yarn colour, close with 1 sl st in the first ch to form a ring.
This will be the waist of your dress, so if you plan on creating a dress larger or smaller you will need to start right here.

Rd 2: ch 3, then 1 dc (uk trc) in each st, repeat to end = 24 st

Rd 3 – Rd 4: 1 sc (uk dc) in each st, repeat to end = 24 st

Now with Rd 5 we start the frill!

Rd 5: 2 sc (uk dc) in 1 st, 2 dc(uk trc) in 2 st – repeat to end = 48 st

Leave a tail, cut and tie off – hide tail in the skirt and cut off excess. That’s all for the bottom!

Now to the top …

Flip your dress over and change to your secondary colour of yarn

Rd 1: 1 sc(uk dc) in each st = 24

Now, you can go back to your primary colour again as I have done or continue to use your secondary colour and change back later or just leave the top with your secondary colour, it’s totally up to you!

Rd 2: 1 sc(uk dc) in ea st = 24 st

Rd 3: 1 sc(uk dc) in 9 st, 1 dc(uk trc) in 6 st repeat to end = 24 st

Rd 4: sl st into the first st, then 1 sc(uk dc) in 9 st, 1 dc(uk trc) in 6 st, repeat to end = 24 st

Leave tail, cut and tie off. Hide tail in the top of the dress and cut off excess.
This creates the front part of the halter top.

You’re done the dress! Now take a minute to wriggle it onto your doll … if you used our fairy base you may want to put one leg through and then the other or her big feet may not fit!

The Tie
I created a cute little tie that comes together with a bow to hold the dress up. I used my secondary yarn colour to do this but if you have created the top with it, you may want to switch to your primary colour, or choose a different colour altogether.

Rd 1: Leave about and inch of yarn or more and ch 12. Leave another inch at the end, cut and tie off. Wrap it around your doll’s neck and then position the string so it is in the centre of the dress. Create your bow and then cut off the excess yarn.

You’re done! Give yourself a pat on the back your doll is no longer nekked!

If you have helpers like me, they may want to check for cuddle-ability!

If you want to start at the beginning, you can go through each part by clicking the links below!

Head | Body | Legs | Arms | Curly Hair



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