Happy Fall All

Well, summer is coming to an end, which means more time to crochet for me! I have been working on a lot of things lately but finishing nothing!

I finally got around to getting this creation done for a co-worker of mine.


Hopefully, you can tell who this is just by looking, but if you can’t it’s Voldemort and his pet snake Nagini. My momma, miss BGranny herself mostly just likes the snake! I didn’t get a lot of chances to take more pictures of this little guy but I think my favourite part is the hoodie, but if you put it down it looks so HUGE *lol* It definitely looks to big for him, but the bulk allowed for it to look great when he is wearing it up.

Of course Voldemort needs Harry Potter to complete him … in more ways than one! ^_^ So, my co-worker asked for Voldemort and her wife wanted a Harry Potter to match.

I created his glasses with some craft wire, I even included the tape around the bridge to hold them together, this was obviously Harry before he may Hermione!

He does has a scar and I didn’t even think about it but his hair is covering it up. I loved doing the hair but it took SO long! I think in the end it worked out great though I love the way it is absolutely crazy!

The scarf is created by BGranny herself as I really can not create anything straight … I’ve tried so many times but it just doesn’t work for me!

As you can see my cats decided to help out often … making the black really show off their fur. It took me a long time to get rid of the hair lol … but in the end it looked great I made some cute dolls and I got to cuddle with my kitties!

I created these little guys from the same doll base, one that I may end up sharing on the blog at some point in time. I made the feet flat which wasn’t easy but this way the dolls can stand up on her shelf.

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