Tips for the Crochet Beginner

Happy New Year everyone!

I thought to start out the new year I would share some of my tips for those who are thinking about, or who have already started to learn crochet.

As some may know I just recently started myself, in fact it wont be a year until this summer, so I have recently been through a lot of trial and errors which will be beneficial to those who are new now. Hopefully you can learn from my experiences, and mistakes!

Youtube is Your Friend – I decided to crochet because my mother already does create lots of lovely items. But she wouldn’t make what I wanted her to, so I had to learn myself. *grin*

She tried, oh boy did she try and try to teach me how to crochet, but for some reason I just couldn’t get it. I decided to take matters into my own hands … and I took a look on youtube. I found a ton of tutorials and after watching a part of one it was good enough for me to create my very first creation, which is also my very first pattern.

Count, count and oh yeah, count! Perhaps at some point in my crochet career there will come a time when I don’t need to count every stitch, but today isn’t that day! You can use stitch markers as well which can help you out in the beginning.

Use a Notebook – I have a horrible memory. So, when I am working on a project, whether making the pattern or not, I use a notebook. This way when I stop I can make note and know exactly where to pick up again. I especially do this while at work because I like to crochet on my lunch break I may not be able to stop at the end of a round or in a convenient spot. I also write down the project title, what I am creating with how much yarn it took etc … then write down what I think of the creation. It’s fun to look back on the older stuff 🙂 I also take pictures so I can see my progress 🙂

Practice, Patience Often – Practice makes perfect. Everyone knows this, but remember to be patient with yourself as well. That’s all I’m going to say about that! You’re going to have to pull out stitches and re-do them, no matter how skilled you are. It’s all part of the learning process and really the creating process … just keep going 🙂

Relax – Your self and your yarn. Don’t worry about the tension of the yarn it will come with time and not much else really. So just have fun and soon enough you will notice that your work looks better and better. The tension should be managed in you body though. Make sure you aren’t tense, check your posture and just relax as you crochet.

 Use Light Colours – It’s just easier to see!

Create something you want, and not what seems easiest – I’m sure there will be many people who disagree with this one, but I recently started to learn and it wasn’t the first time I tried but it was the first time I succeeded. I’m a firm believer that I was able to continue crocheting because I finally started to create something I wanted to create. If your dream is to create a baby bonnet, don’t start with a dish cloth. Now many will say to start with the dish cloth and work your way up. Maybe that is for you, but I know I needed to keep my interest and a dish cloth just didn’t do it. I wanted to make my own animals, and I started with a bee. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but my first creation that I ever made – that I wanted to make – turned out AWESOME! Does it have it’s faults? Of course it does. Did I have to pull it out a time or two? Of course. Still it turned out great and it’s because I wanted to make it so I didn’t give up.

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