About BGranny

Meet the mother, daughter dup behind BGranny!

Donna lives in Southwestern Ontario and spends her days looking after her many pets and spoiling her grandchildren.

When she has one of those rare moments to herself, Donna spends her time crocheting all kinds of items; from baby blankets to Amigurumi creatures. Her creations are colourful and stitched with love.

She learned how to crochet from her mother but hadn’t created anything in years until an arm injury forced her into early retirement.

Picking it up again, Donna found that crocheting helped exercise her arms without straining them. Now she crochets daily, creating items for family and friends. She’s also recently started to teach her daughter Alisha.

Alisha also lives in Southern Ontario and though she has just recently picked up her crochet hook she is thoroughly addicted. Her favourite creations – and really her own creations so far – are amigurumi, especially dolls.

Alisha doesn’t like to follow the rules, in fact, the first creation she ever made she changed it up – and so she likes to spend her time creating her own creatures and dolls. Though she doesn’t think she will ever be as creative as her mother, she’s definitely going to keep trying!

Together they will share their creations, patterns, and experiences here on BGranny. Be sure to check in often for new cuties and beautiful creations!

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